Sunday, October 5, 2008

Im out!

Well I guess Im gonna start having to use my blog ALOT more now bc...Im happy and sad to say...IM MOVING!!!! I am sad to leave my family but soo happy bc I know Michigan is where im suppose to be! I went up there last weekend and realized that MI is where my heart is..I grew up there basically..I was there since I was 15. Last weekend I remembered what it was like to have such good friends and to laugh till my stomach hurt. It made me remember that you cant be to busy making a living and forget to make a life. I have been so busy lately..TONS of packing..I swear I packed 30 boxes and then I look around and everything looks like I didnt pack anything!! Our moving date is Nov 1st. I find out today if I get the condo that I want..The lady has one more person coming to look at it then she is making she decision today at 1! So im keeping my fingers crossed!!! I was going to wait till March to move but then I decided if im going to do it..I might as well just do it now...the longer I wait the longer it will take to start building up my clientel agian! I will be back for Thanksgiving and Xmas so that makes it alot easier and its only 7/8 hours away..thats nothing if you think about it!! Anyways..Just wanted to fill everyone in :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its been awhile!

Sorry!! Somehow I am always busy but I feel like I dont do anything?! How does that work out?
Well Tampa is now out of the question...I was plannin on moving there in March, but then decided that its way to far away. My mom left for Key West yesterday..I wish I was there with her so bad!! We are going next year with my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Lori so that will be fun but its a year away :( Andy was up in Pekin for the week at school for the carpenters union..he got back on Friday.. thank god bc I was bored without him! Last night Missy, Dustin, Mandy, Andy and I had a BBQ @ Mandys house...that girl LOVES to cook..and shes pretty good at it too :) Addalyn was there too..I cant get over how big she is getting!! Well I have to get goin to the gym I have been quite the slacker there also..hopefully I will get more dedicated this week!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend.

What a great weekend, we started off Friday night going to the Ethnic festival..that was yummy! Greek food is soo good. The night ended at the Anchor Boat Club with My dad..he just cracks me up..sometimes I wonder where he comes up with the things he does! Saturday we hung around the pool at my moms and got a nice tan and later than night Andy, Missy and I went over to Cassie's for a gathering she had. It was fun..its always nice to hang out with people...but when your hanging out with your family its even better...its so weird how almost everyone has a kid now...but ME! Sunday everyone was over at my moms in the pool...I sure did get alot of Sun this weekend..yay! We grilled out and had some yummy cheeseburgers. Today Andy is walking in the parade for the carpenters union so being the great girlfriend that I am..I will find myself a place on the street and watch him. My gram is having people over today too so that's where I will end up..EATING MORE....i prolly gained 5 lbs this weekend...starting tomorrow I am going to the gym and getting this body under control...I cant be looking all fat for Tampa!!!! Now your prolly wondering what I'm talking about Tampa for?? Lets just say I always knew I would live on a beach someday.... ;)
Talk to you 2morro! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
PS. Congrats to Linds on selling her house!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sucked in...

Hello, Today will be my first blog.
I never really understood what a "blog" was until yesterday while doing my cousin Cassie's hair she started telling me about how her and my cousins "blog"...So I got sucked in.
My blogs will prolly not be as intresting because the only thing I will have to blog about is my dog Nemo, my boyfriend Andy and I..well I guess all my family too, so I guess maybe it will be intresting bc we sure are an intresting bunch!
I thinking this will actually be good for me....kinda like an escape. I have been back in Springfield IL. now for a year..WHAT A YEAR. It is very diff then I remember from when I was younger. I miss my friends back in MI more than I could ever put into words. Being back with my family is awesome and I enjoy each and everyone of thems company, but at the same I feel the longer I stay here the longer I am losing my own identity.
Today is Aug 28th 2008..can't believe Sept in right around the corner! Today I woke up and Drank my normal 2 cups of coffee and got ready for work. You need a cig? I NEED MY COFFEE! I have Saturday-Monday off and im PUMPED. Cant remember the last time I had a Saturday off...we were planning on going back to MI for the weekend but plans have changed and now we are staying in town so Andy can go to the labor day parade for the carpenters union and then we are going to cassies house! It will be nice that we wont have to spend 16 hours of our 3 day weekend in a car and we can have long weekend to enjoy eachothers company. Well I feel like this is getting boring if your reading it! haha
Talk to you 2morro :)